70 Quotes About Crying

Quotes About Crying : Crying is a way that helps you express your emotions and feelings.

Actually, crying is a sign of Strength. It shows that you care enough about something to get upset over it. It shows that you have feelings and emotions, and it proves that you’re a human.

If you think that crying is a weakness, then you’ve never been in love.

Love makes you cry. It hurts. It makes you sad, happy and laugh. These emotion makes you emotionally strong.

So, If you’re feeling down, then you should definitely cry. Don’t worry about whether People will judge you or think less of you. Just cry. Let it out.

Therefore, we have a collection of Crying Quotes for you. After reading these Quotes on Crying, you’ll feel much better, and it will help you to makes you strong.

Quotes About Crying

Never Cry For That Person
Who Doesn’t Know The
Value Of Your Tears.

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