40 Quotes About Dignity

Your Dignity is More Precious
Than Everyone Else.

What does dignity mean?


Dignity means being worthy of respect and admiration.

How do you define your own dignity?

Your dignity comes from how you treat yourself. If you are kind to yourself, then you will be kind to others. You don’t need to wait until someone else treats you well before treating yourself well. You should always take care of yourself first.

Why is dignity more precious than everyone else?

Because, if you lose your dignity, then you lose everything. No matter how much money you make, no matter how many friends you have, no matter how much power you have, if you lose your dignity than you lose everything.

What does it mean to lose your dignity?

If you lose your dignity, you become selfish. You start thinking about only yourself and not about anyone else. You stop caring about other people. You stop wanting to help them. You stop doing things for them. You stop helping them. You stop loving them.

What happens if you lose your dignity?

If you lose your dignity, You lose everything. You lose your family. You lose your friends…etc.

What does it mean for you to keep your dignity?

It means that you are worthy of respect and admiration, even though you may not have any money, power, or anything else. It means that you deserve to live a good life. It means that you are valuable. It means that you have something to offer, and you can still change the world.

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