160 Quotes About Fake People

People Will Provoke You
Until They Bring Out Your Ugly Side,
Then Play The Victim
When You Go There.

Stop Trying So Hard For People
Who Don’t Care.

Learn To Handle Things
On Your Own.
Because, People Are Temporary.

Sometimes People
Only Try To Extinguish Your Fire
Because They Can’t Light
Their Own.

Keep Your Distance From
People Who Will Never Admit
They Are Wrong And Always
Try To Make You Feel Like
It’s All Your Fault.

Stay Away From
Negative People.
They Have a Problem For
Every Solution.

Be Thankful For All
The Difficult People in
Your Life And Learn From Them.
They Have Shown You
Exactly Who You
Don’t Want To Be.

Quotes About Fake People

Some Talk To You in
Their Free Time And
Some Free Their Time
To Talk To You.
Learn The Difference.

The Problem is
People Are Being Hated
When They Are Real. And
Are Being Loved
When They Are Fake.
__ Bob Marley

Be Real With Me.
I’m Tired Of Fake People.

Real is Rare And
Fake is Everywhere.

I Don’t Regret My Past.
I Just Regret The Time
I Have Wasted With The
Wrong People.

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