180 Quotes About Good Morning

The Greatest Gift
You Can Give Someone
is Your Time, Your Love
And Your Attention.

The Most Beautiful Things
In Life Are Not Things.
They Are People and Places
And Memories And Pictures.
They Are Feelings And
Moments and Smiles
And Laughter.

Nothing is More Beautiful
Than a Calm Mind.
Nothing is More Beautiful
Than a Kind Heart.

A Wise Man Never
Knows All.
Only Fools
Know Everything.

You Don’t Need To Be
Liked By Everyone.
Not Everyone Has a
Good Taste.

Don’t Treat People
As Bad As They Are.
Treat Them…
As Good As You Are.

A Person’s Most Valuable
Asset is Not a Brain
Loaded With Knowledge.
But, A Heart Full Of Love
With An Ear Open To Listen
And, A Hand Willing To Help.

Faith Over Fear
That’s What Gets Us Through.

Life is So Much More Beautiful
When You Look Beyond
Your Imperfections
And Start To Appreciate
And Love Everything
That You Already Are.

Laugh With Your Eyes.
Hug With Your Soul.
Smile With Your Heart.
And Love With Your Spirit.

Don’t Forget To Be Grateful
For What You Have.

Quotes About Good Morning

Wake Up Every Morning With
The Thought That…
Something Wonderful is About
To Happen.

Someone Have Food But
They Can’t Eat.
Others Can Eat But
They Have Food.
But, For You…
You Have Both,
If You Are Grateful.

Every Morning is a
Symbol Of Rebirth Of Our Life.
So, Forget All Yesterday’s
Bad Moments And Make
Today The Most Beautiful
Day Of Your Life.

The First To Apologies is
The Bravest.
The First To Forgive is
The Strongest.
The First To Forget is
The Happiest.

Let Them Judge You.
Let Them Gossip About You.
Let Them Misunderstand You.
Their Opinion is Not Your Problem.
Keep Shining Like You Do.

No Matter…
How Good Or Bad You Think
Life is.
Wake Up Each Day And
Be Thankful For Life.
Someone, Somewhere Else is
Fighting To Survive.

Everything is Temporary.
Emotions, Thoughts, People
And Scenery.
Do Not Become Attached.
Just Flow With It.

Every Single Day Give Yourself a
Little Time Out To Sit Quietly.
And Be Thankful For All You Have.

Everyone Needs Someone To
Make Them Feel Like Tomorrow
Is More Than Just Another Day.

Don’t Start Your Day
With The Broken Pieces Of Yesterday.
Every Day is a Fresh Start.
Every Day is a New Beginning.
Every Morning We Wake Up is
The First Day Of The
Rest Of Our Life.

One Day….
You Are Going To
Hug Your Last Hug.
Kiss Your Last Kiss And
Hear Someone’s Voice
For The Last Time.
But, You Never Know,
When The Last Time Will Be.
So, Live Every Day As
If It Were The Last Time
You Will Be With The
Person You Love.

Be Good To People
For No Reason.

Respect The Person
Who Expect a Smile From You.
And Surprise The Person
Who Never Expected
Anything From You.

No Matter…
What Happens in Life.
Be Good To People.
Being Good To People is a
Wonderful Legacy To
Leave Behind.

The Six Best Doctors in The World
Are Sunlight, Rest, Exercise, Diet,
Self-Confidence And Friends.
Maintain Them in All Stages And
Enjoy a Healthy Life.
__Steve Jobs.

Good Behavior
Doesn’t Have Any Financial Value.
But, It Has a Power To Purchase
Hearts Of The People.

Everything Becomes Beautiful.
If You Start Loving It.
Even Loneliness.

Even The Darkest Night Will End
And The Sun Will Rise.
__ Victor Hugo

Morning is a Good Time To
Remember All The Sweet Things
And All Sweet Persons in
Your Life.

Sometimes The Best Thing
You Can Do Is…
Not Think, Not Wonder,
Not Imagine, Not Obsess.
Just Breathe And Have Faith
That Everything Will Work
Out For The Best.

Don’t Choose The One
Who is Beautiful To The World.
But, Rather…
Choose The One
Who Makes Your World Beautiful.

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