89 Quotes About Karma

Quotes About Karma : Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action. It is the law of cause and effect. Karma is the universal principle that governs our lives.

In Buddhism, karma is the force of actions that create future experiences. Karma is the result of past actions. It means, If we do good things, then good things happen to us; if we do bad things, then bad things happen to us.

In Hinduism, karma is the sum total of our actions, good or bad, in any given lifetime. Our actions have consequences in both this lifetime and the next.

Karma is not just about religion, it’s about how we live our lives.

So, If you Believe in Karma, then in this post we bring for you the best Karma Quotes. We hope you’ll like these Quotes on Karma.

Quotes About Karma

Good Or Bad,
What You Put Out
Comes Back To You.

Karma Said :
When Somebody is Not Right
For You, God Will Continuously
Use Them To Hurt You Until
You Are Strong Enough To
Let Them Go.

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