130 Quotes About Motivation For Students, Life & Self

When You Realize
You Got Nothing To Lose.
You Turn Into a Beast.

Remember That…
Sometimes Not Getting
What You Want;
Can Be The Best Thing For You.

Take a Chance.
You Never Know…
What Might Happen.

Create a Wolf in Your Head
And Work Like He is Chasing You.

Brave Concept is
“Do or Die”.
Practical Concept is
“Do Before You Die”
And, Winner Concept is
“Don’t Die Until You Do It”.

Don’t Be Discouraged
In Doing What is Good?
Because, One Day Of Favour
Can Wipe Away The Tears Of
Many Years of Labour.

You Must Tell Yourself
“No Matter How Hard It Is”
Or, How Hard It Gets.
I’m Going To Make It.

Only Some People Get
What They Want.
Those Are The People
Who Show Up To Get It.

Don’t Count The Days.
Make The Days Count.

Don’t Carry Your Mistakes
Around With You.
Instead, Place Them Under
Your Feet And Use Them As
Stepping Stones To Rise
Above Them.

If You Fell Down Yesterday.
Stand Up Today.

Motivational Quotes

Never Give Up.
Today is Hard.
Tomorrow Will Be Worse.
But, The Day After Tomorrow
Will Be Sunshine.

Make More Moves And
Less Announcements.

Don’t Give Up.
Life Can Go From
Zero To 100
Real Quick.

Think Big, Believe Big, Act Big
And Result Will Be Big.

Stop Telling Everyone
You Are Gonna Make It.
Just Mind Your Business
And Go Make It.
__ Billie Eilish

No One Can Stop You
Once You Have Decided To Grow.

You Can Convert Your
“Breakdowns” Into Your

Motivate Yourself.
Don’t Listen To Those
Who Only See Your Mistakes.

He Who Tries To Shine
Dims His Own Light.

Some People Want To
See You Fail.
Disappoint Them.

Don’t Stop Until
You Make Yourself Proud.

We Fall. We Fail. We Break.
But Then, We Rise. We Heal.
We Overcome.

The Size Of Your Problems is
Nothing Compared With
Your Ability To Solve Them.
Don’t Overestimate Your Problems
And Underestimate Yourself.

An Arrow Can Only Be
Shot By Pulling It Backward.
When Life is Dragging
You Back With Difficulties;
It Means…
It’s Going To Launch You
Into Something Great.
So, Just Focus And Keep Aiming.

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