80 Quotes About Prayer

Prayer is the Most Powerful Action
Against Trials,
The Most Effective Medicine
Against Sickness, And The
Most Valuable Gift To Someone
We Care For.

Prayers Are The Best Heard
When It Comes From The Heart
And Not From The Mouth.

If God Has Ever Answered
Your Prayers…
Give Him Praise.

You Glow Differently
When You Pray.

God is The Best Doctor.
Prayer is the Best Medicine.

I Heard Your Prayers
Now Trust My Timing.

To Be in Someone’s Gallery is Cool.
But, To Be In Someone’s Prayer
Is Priceless.

The Sweetest Time Of Day is
When You Pray.
Because, You Are Talking
To The One Who
Loves You The Most.

Stop Worrying.
It’s Going To Be Okay.
Close Your Eyes.
Stop Your Mind.
Say Your Prayers And
Sleep Peacefully.
God is Working On
Your Behalf.

I Believe in God.
I Believe in His Angels And
I Believe in The Power Of Prayer
That Connects Me To Him.

When You Have Already Prayed
For Something, Stop Doubting.
God Has Heard You And
He Will Answer You.

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