160 Quotes About Relationships

Quotes About Relationships : A relationship is a connection between two or more people. It’s how two people interact with each other.

A good relationship is based on trust, respect, understanding, and Honesty. Relationships can last for years, decades, or forever.

There are many different types of relationships, including friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, etc.

In other words, Relationship is a term that describes the relationship between two individuals who have some emotional connection to each other. A relationship can be either romantic or non-romantic.

In a romantic relationship, both partners share feelings and emotions towards each other. There is a mutual understanding of what they want out of their relationship.

But, Non-romantic relationships are not based on feelings and emotions. These types of relationships involve Friendship.

Friends may help each other in times of trouble. They may enjoy spending time together. But they don’t share feelings and emotions. They don’t express their thoughts and feelings to each other.

Quotes About Relationships

Perfect Relationship is Not That
You Never Get Angry, Upset Or
Irritated With Each Other.
It’s How Fast You Resolve And
Bounce Back To Normal.

All Relationship Have One Law.
Never Make The One
You Love Feel Alone.
Especially, When You Are There.

Relationships Don’t Last
Because Of The Good Times.
They Last Because The Hard Times
Were Handled With Love And Care.

A Healthy Relationship
Will Never Require You To
Sacrifice Your Friends,
Your Dreams or Your Dignity.

Perfect Words For Strong Relationship :
If We Don’t Know…Ask.
If We Don’t Agree…Discuss.
We Don’t Like It, Say It Politely.
But, We Should Not Start
Judging Silently.

Do Not Compare Money With
Priceless Relationships.
Money Helpful For Few Days,
While Relationships Helpful For
Entire Life.

Without Proper Justification
Never Try To Decorate Any
Relationship Like a Birthday Cake.
Which Has To Be Cut One Day.

Trust And Realization Of
Commitments Are The
Foundation Of Every Relationship.

Many Relations Cannot
Be Evaluated In Terms Of
Money or Grains.
Because, Some Investments
Never Make a Profit
But, Still They Make Us Rich.

Distance Never Kills a Relation.
Closeness Never Builds a Relation.
It’s The Care Of Someone’s
Feeling Which Builds
Faith And Maintains Relation.

Relationship Quotes

To Maintain Good Relation,
Two Things Are Must :
Quality Time And Mutual

4 Levels Of Relationship
– Relationship With God.
– Relationship With Yourself.
– Relationship With Your Loved Ones.
– Relationship With Your Community.
__ Pastor Joseph Siju

Your Relationship Doesn’t
Need To Make Sense To Anyone
Except For You And Your Partner.
It’s a Relationship,
Not a Community Project.

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