96 Quotes About Self Love, Myself and Yourself

I’m More Than
What You Think.

If You Expect The World
To Be Fair With You
Because You Are Fair.
You Are Fooling Yourself.
That is Like Expecting
The Lion Not To Eat You
Because, You Did Not Eat Him.

Sometimes You Need To
Burn Bridges To Stop Yourself
From Crossing Them Again.

No One is Perfect.
Not Me, Not You
Not Them.
Relax And Accept Yourself
For Who You Are And
Respect Other’s For
Who They Are.

You Have To Learn Say “NO”
Without Feeling Guilty.
Setting Boundaries is Healthy.
You Need To Respect And
Take Care Of Yourself.

I Am Stronger Because
I Had To Be.
I’m Smarter Because Of
My Mistakes.
Happier Because…
I Have Known Sadness And
Wiser From All My Lessons.

Don’t Forgot To Choose Yourself
Before Anyone Else.

Push Yourself…
Because, No One Else is
Going To Do It For You.

You Have To Do What is Right
For Yourself.
Nobody Else is Walking is
Your Shoes.

Two Things Define You :
1. Your Patience
When You Have Nothing.
2. Your Attitude
When You Have Everything.

You Are Not Broken.
You Are Just Tired;
Allow Yourself To Heal

Whenever You Find Yourself
On The Side Of The Majority.
It is Time To Pause And Reflect.

We Always Feel That
We Are Perfect And
Others Should Be Corrected.
It is Like Cleaning The Mirror
Instead Of Cleaning Our Face.

There is No Class To Teach
How We Should Speak.
But, The Way We Speak
Definitely Decides Our Class.

Learn To Value Yourself.

Setting Boundaries With
Draining People Doesn’t Mean
You Don’t Love Them.
It Just Means…
You Love Yourself Too.

Never Focus on Reclaiming a Past
You Have Overcome.
By Releasing What No Longer Serves You,
You Discover So Much About Yourself.

If You Do Not Tell The Truth
About Yourself,
You Cannot Tell It About
Other People.
__ Virginia Woolf

Respect Your Body
When It’s Asking You
For a Break.
Respect Your Mind
When It’s Seeking Rest.
Honor Yourself When
You Need a Moment For Yourself.

Just Be Yourself.
Life is Too Short To Be
Someone Else.

Be Patient With Yourself
As You Learn And Grow.

Quotes About Comparing Yourself To Others

Don’t Compare Yourself
With Others.
Everyone Has Their Own Role
To Play.

If You Believe In Yourself.
You Can Be Whatever
You Want To Be.

Very Little is Needed To
Make a Happy Life.
It is All Within Yourself,
In Your Way Of Thinking.

Just Because Some People
Are Fueled By Drama
Doesn’t Mean…
You Have To
Attend The Performance.

Never Explain Yourself.
Your Friends Don’t Need It And
Your Enemies Won’t Believe It.

Life is Not About…
Finding Yourself.
Life is About
Creating Yourself.

Give Yourself
Some Credit For
How Far You Have Come.

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