100 Quotes About Today

Today is Your Opportunity To
Build The Tomorrow You Want.

Yesterday is Gone
And Can’t Be Undone.
So, Focus on Today
For a Better Tomorrow.

The Day You Plant The Seed
is Not The Day You Eat The Fruit.
Be Patient, Be Hopeful.

Action Or Work is The
Connecting Link Between
Desire, Plan And Fulfillment.

Never Run For a
Train, Bus or Women.
Because, When One Leaves
Another Arrives.

Between Yesterday’s Mistakes &
Tomorrow’s Hope…
There is a Fantastic Opportunity
Called Today.
Live It! Love It!
The Day is Yours!

Sometimes You Have To Keep
Your Good News To Yourself.
Everybody is Not
Genuinely Happy For You.

Never Forget…
Who Ignored You
When You Needed Them
And Who Helped You Before
You Could Ask.

Remember One Thing…
Money Never Cheats And
Love Never Pay Your Bills.

Don’t Try To Get Rich Quick.
Get Rich For Sure.

The Difference is
I Worked For It And
You Wished For It.

A Man With Dreams
Needs A Women
Who Believes.

Always Be Valuable,
Not Available.

If You Can’t Find True Love;
Work Hard, Make Money And
Enjoy Your Single Life in Peace.
Nobody Has Ever Died From
Being Single, But So Many Have Died
For Being With The Wrong Partner.
Life is too Short To Be
Wasting Your Time
With The Wrong Person.

Give Everyday The Chance To
Become The Most Beautiful
Day Of Your Life.

Time Decides Who You
Meet in Life.
Your Heart Decides
Who You Want in Your Life.
And, Your Behavior Decides
Who Stays in Your Life.

The Biggest Difference Between
Money And Time is :
You Always Know
How Much Money You Have.
But, You Never Know…
How Much Time You Have.

Each Of Us Develop in Our
Own Timing And Experiences
Come To Us in Accordance With
The Divine Path.

Be Careful When You
Blindly Follow The Masses.

We Must Realize That
Everything Which Happens is
Due To Some Wisdom And
That Nothing Happens
Without a Reason.

What If Today,
We Were All Just
Grateful For Everything
God Has Given Us.

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