52 Quotes About Truth

01. “Easy To Judge
The Mistakes of Others.
Difficult is to Recognize
Our Own Mistakes”.

02. “Everyone is Trying To Find
The Right Person.
But, Nobody is Trying To Be
The Right Person”.

03. “When Things Are
Good For You;
Many People Will Know You.
But, When Things Are Not Well,
You Will Know The
Truth About Many People”.

04. “No Matter…
How Good Person You Are.
You Are Always Bad In
Someone’s Story”.

05. “Sometimes…
You Don’t Need To Hear
Their Excuses Or
What They Have To Say
For Themselves.
Because, Their Actions Already
Spoke The Truth”.

06. “Sometimes…No Matter,
How Nice You Are.
How Kind You Are.
How Caring You Are.
How Loving You Are.
It Just is Not Enough
For Some People”.

07. “Lies Have Speed.
But, The Truth Has

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